Thursday, July 24, 2014

casual embelishments

[top: Forever21]
[jeans: H&M]
[sandals: Target]
[sunnies: RayBan]

I love this crop top - super light & feminine, with delicate gold & silver beading throughout. My default in styling it seemed to always involve a dressy, sophisticated look - but I really wanted to tone down the dressy vibe and wear it around town, and so here it is! Paired it with some acid-washed jeans and flatform sandals.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

fringe & lace

[top: Forever21]
[skirt: ZARA]
[sandals: Forever21]
[sunnies: RayBan]

Friday trips to downtown Haddonfield are becoming a weekly thing - usually consisting of brunch and people watching of some sort. This look was just a fun, eclectic piecing I put together last minute. A lady-like lace pencil skirt with an edgy fringe tank… still trying to figure out if I even like it - but I thought I'd share!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


[dress: Zara]
[belt: Forever21]
[sandals: Forever21]

This was my absolutely favorite look from our Cali Trip - mostly because it was so so comfy. The material is sweat-pant-like, so it's basically equivalent to wearing pajamas. 

I wore this look during our road trip to San Diego (a few hours in the car). I was a bit annoyed at myself when I arrived back home in Jersey to find that I left this dress in our hotel room in SD, but luckily hotel managament keep a hold on it and sent it back in the mail!

I'll definitely be wearing it a lot more in the future - probably too much.