Thursday, October 23, 2014

geometric satin

[pants: Shabby Apple // top: Forever21]

Okay, so I am totally in love with these satin geometric trousers. 

Every once in a while I like to brighten up my normal, muted wardrobe with a fun, vibrant piece [hence the amazing trousers shown above]. There's something about wearing bright colors… I swear it brightens my mood every time. I tend to lean outside of whatever the typical color-scheme is for the season. So, during the fall we see a lot of maroon, evergreen, brown, etc, and I love it… but I quickly get tired of grabbing the nearest eggplant cable knit sweater and find myself eager to add a punch of the unexpected. The shades of pink and pops of deep blue in these trousers were the perfect fix to my burgundy-boredom. I particularly love that you can warm them up for fall [with a turtleneck or perhaps even a sweater], and lighten them up for spring [with a tank top & open-toe wedges] - a good investment if you ask me! 

**Styling Tip: Pair patterned, colorful bottoms with neutral tops [within the same color scheme]. So in this case: a light shade of tan compliments the undertones of these pants.

Oh, but there are more perks to these trousers than their gorgeous vibrant pattern.  

The best part about them - they are super easy to wear & comfortable. Super light-weight so you don't feel weighed down at all - which I really like for running errands & such. Easy fit, high waisted, polyester satin - seriously the perfect recipe for comfort. The greatest part - although they are oh so comfy, they are so so chic as well! Can't get enough!

You can purchase a pair for yourself here !

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